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I am currently working toward becoming a Game Designer and I want to know firsthand from the people who are playing my games, what I can do to make your experience playing the game more fun or interesting. I really hope each person that reads this will also play the games that I currently have listed below and tell me what they think I can do to improve them. I would really appreciate any feedback. Thank you for your time.

Codename: Project B.R.A.T.

2011-05-29 17:21:48 by AndreVega

I'm currently working with a group of friends to create a game that will be released this Tuesday in it's Alpha version. This is where I'm going to ask you, the members of Newgrounds, to tell me how to make it better. I hope you'll join me on Tuesday for the release of my new game. Please leave constructive comments only about this game to improve it so that we help make better video games in the future, because in the end, YOU are ultimately the person I am trying to please.